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les élite

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Welcome to les_elite.

This community is closed for the moment and may re-open at a later date.

New Applicants:
1. You must be at least 16 years old.
2. Once you join you have 48 hours to apply, if you don't you'll be removed.
3. Put "Do I have what it takes?" on the subject line.
4. Refrain from responding to all votes on your application.
5. Make all posts friends only. If you don't the post will be erased.
6. Tag your entry with "application."
7. If you are rejected, you may reapply in a week with new pictures.
8. Salutes are a requirement. You may use one for another LJ community
but if asked for a new salute you MUST be able to provide a new one.

1. Stay active! If you're going to be leaving, please make a post with subject line "hiatus".
2. On all post you must put "stamped/what your post is about/points"
ie. stamped/text only/15 points
3. No promoting in the community!
4. Remember to make all post friends only.
5. When voting on an application put your vote on the subject line.
6. Tag all your entries "member- your username, activity or subject of post"
ie. tags- member- yourusernamehere, text post
7. You are required to get 60 points each month.

*do not use rich text!

Do NOT post more than two activities in one entry

Text Post
Use a cut if it's long

Picture Post
Always place under a cut

Video Post
Always place under a cut

Voice Post
Always place under a cut


Text Theme

Picture Theme
Pictures from your favorite vacation

Scavenger Hunt

Online Hunt
1. Favorite flowers
2. Favorite Real World-er
3. Favorite book/magazine
4. Favorite car

Live Hunt
1. Textbook or notebook
2. Your mom
3. Your favorite pair of shoes
4. Your computer

[you must be in the pictures]

Brain Puzzle

reply here with your guess

Top 3
Favorite Cars

[include pictures]

Top 5
Your friends

[include pictures]

Online Fun
Create a movie

Cyber Shopping
$100 for movies
$200 for handbag
$300 for movie & dinner first date

[you can just do one, two or all three]
[include pictures]

Mix and Match

A) Mirella (mattioli)
Hayley (hayleyykills)
Dominique (dominiquemoon)

B) Jarett

[Match A with their boyfriends name]

Text Post- 10 points
Picture Post- 20 points
Video Post- 20 points
Banners- 10 points each
Referrals- 40 points
Promoting- 10 points each

Text Theme- 30 points
Picture Theme- 35 points
Online Hunt- 20 points
Live Hunt- 30 points
Brain Puzzle- 10 points
Top 3- 15 points
Top 5- 25 points
Online Fun- 15 points
Cyber Shopping- 20 points
Mix and Match- 15 points

Superlative winner- 50 points + auto
Member of the Month- 100 points + auto

more banners here

best clevage
make a post with pictures for this weeks superlative

best looking boyfriend dominiquemoon here
best looking friends x_impulsive_x here
best eyes x_impulsive_x here
best body heartyred here
best hair badbakhtee here

Members Page
Points Exchange

Member of the Month


past winners here